BEFORE ORDERING, PLEASE make sure you have properly measured or had your dog properly measured according to our measuring chart (See A-TraC Brace Measuring Instructions under "Downloads").

The Tibia measurement must be from an x-ray. If for some reason an x-ray can not be obtained (i.e.; health reasons, etc.) please call 847-634-1700 for technical assistance.

NOTE: You only need to enter EITHER the Tibia measurement OR the Withers measurement, not both.

Please enter the dog's information below.
Dog's Name / Breed:
Tibia Length (In.):
Withers (In.):
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Right Upper Thigh Circumference (In.):
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Left Upper Thigh Circumference (In.):
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Weight (lbs.):
Anterior Chest (In.):
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Girth (In.):
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